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Account Building:

How to publish English products with

Through the investigation of overseas buyers, we found that buyers pay great attention to product details. If the product details are not clearly displayed, it is not possible to quickly establish trust with buyers. Buyers cannot see or see him clearly in your product description. Point of care that is likely to lose a customer, or increase the labor cost of the inquiry more recently. At the same time, you must not have duplicate products or highly similar products on your website. This will not only bring visual fatigue and complaints to buyers but also make buyers confused and professional about your products and your company.
Reminder: Publishing product information is the foundation and the most critical step of website construction. Before you start publishing product information, you must pay attention to product release rules. Please abide by the information release rules such as the “ Intellectualctual Property Rules” and International Station Prohibition and Sales Restriction Rules” to avoid penalties for violations.

How to directly publish product information and Description?

log in to “My Account” → Product Management → Click “Publish Product” (Please click here to view the page link )

Fill in the information in the product information form.

To select a category, fill in the product name, fill in the product keywords, add product attributes, fill in the product master map, fill out the product details, and transaction information.

Misunderstanding 1: Attributes are not important?
Actual: Incomplete attributes or too little product information have a great impact on the quality of product information. You can also customize the attributes to enrich the overall product description.

Misunderstanding 2: Will the keywords searched by buyers repeatedly appear in the product description will improve the ranking?
Actual: Non-natural language or duplication of information seriously affects the buyer experience, which will greatly reduce the overall product information

Which certificates can be uploaded for verification?

The authenticity certificate is divided into four types categories:

Enterprise certification

Product certification

Patent certificate

Trademark / Brand Certificate

Note That:

  1. Authorized brands and acceptance notices are not within the scope of this authenticity check.
  2. If the registered trademark is an individual registration, the authenticity verification will fail. This certificate verification is only for the certificate of the company as the holder.
  3. Gold customers, the company capability report and product report are not currently included in the verification authenticity system. Only those certificates that have passed the third-party certification and have the certification mark (Verified mark) will be counted by the system.
  4. The company’s English name translation must be consistent with our certified name, otherwise, it will not be within the scope of authenticity verification.
  5. Export Link members and certificate verification will no longer be supported.

Ready to ship

Definition of Ready to ship:
Only products that meet the following conditions:

(1) Products that support buyers to place orders directly. (2) Delivery period <= 15 days. (3) Can calculate freight.

Ready to ship label. There is no requirement for the industry. It only needs to meet the above conditions, and there is no requirement for the quantity released. Please pay attention to repeating the delivery.

Reminder: After the product meets the above conditions, the system will have a synchronization time of about 24 H. Please check the synchronization time
Label placement: Product details pages on Homepage, Keyword search page.

International station product review time:

  1. English product review time:

1.1 The product review time is within 24 hours;
1.2 The product review time is within 24 hours, and it will be displayed on your company’s corporate                               website after it is opened.

  1. Multi-language product review time:
    The review will be completed within 48 hours (working day) after your submission.
    [Reminder] The product review is completed automatically by the system and cannot be expedited artificially. If you find that the review time is over, you can feedback the manual customer service.
  2. Time
    In general, the pre-qualification of products is 2-3 hours. If it fails to pass within 3 hours, please contact the partner for assistance. If you are a partner, please contact the operation consultant or sponsor Single assistance.

What kind of customer support do I have?

From the minute you become a seller, you will be supported by a local team during business hours, and have online support available during non-business hours. The service team is available to help you set up your account, post products, design your store, set up advertising campaigns, and more. Additionally, we provide both online and offline training sessions to help you succeed on the platform.

What buyers can I reach to on

Buyers on tend to be small- and medium-sized businesses, coming from over 190+ countries and regions. They source from over 40 different categories, including Agriculture, Beauty & Personal Care, Consumer Electronics, Health & Medical, Sports & Entertainment, Machinery, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Home & Garden, and more. Would you like to sign up for a Seller account today?

How do I place an order?

Glad that you want to place an order on

1. If you have not found a supplier or product on, please take below steps:
Search for the products you want with the product keyword on and find the product.

Meanwhile, you can also post an RFQ to find a supplier. The matched supplier may send you quotes directly.                This is quite a good way for you to find out the specific products you want on

  1. If you have found what you want, please contact the supplier directly for your inquiry, such as price, quantity, shipping time, whether your supplier agrees to offer a sample, who pays custom fees, etc. All products listed on belongs to our supplier members.
  2. If you have decided to make an order on after all trading details fixed, you could place Trade Assurance orders.

What categories can be listed on Are there any restrictions?

There are some prohibited and controlled items.


1.1 You may not post or sell any item that is restricted or prohibited by a federal, state, or local law in any country or jurisdiction. Please be aware that the thus the selling or posting of items may be prohibited because of laws outside of the jurisdiction where you reside. Below, we have listed some categories of prohibited or restricted items. HOWEVER, THIS LIST IS NOT INTENDED TO BE EXHAUSTIVE; YOU, AS THE SELLER, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT YOU ARE NOT POSTING AN ITEM THAT IS PROHIBITED BY LAW IN ANY JURISDICTION. Unless otherwise indicated and annotated accordingly below, the list of prohibited or restricted items as listed shall be applicable to both the





How to sell? is an online platform for global importers and exporters to find business partners. Hundreds of suppliers from around the world display their products and company details on to reach hundreds of thousands of buyers worldwide. Mainly there are two ways to sell on

Firstly, post products under your account with high-quality information and the buyer will send you an inquiry if he is interested in it when searching on Click here to learn more about posting products.

Secondly, find buyers’ information (RFQ)

1) Go to the RFQ market here.

2) Find your interested quotation request and provide your quotation details; What are you are looking for, select a category, Quantity, Name, and email then click send. After your quotation is approved, buyer contact information will be available for you and you may follow it up as inquiry kind.

I cannot sign in?

Please choose the reason below why you are unable to sign in.

a) I have forgotten my registered email address or Member ID.

If you have a profile listed on, you can find your profile listed every free member will have a unique member ID.

If you don’t have a profile on, please check all your possible email addresses to locate the registered email. Log in to your emails to see if you have received some system emails from If yes, you may use that email to try to login to

If you still can’t find your registered email address, please contact support for further help.

b) What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please click the “Forgot Password” to reset.

c) I have tried to retrieve the password, but I haven’t received the email?

If you haven’t received our password retrieval email, please check if it is in your Trash or Spam box.

Some emails such as Gmail or Hotmail may experience delays in receiving our password retrieval emails.

d) I can’t sign into my account as the system tells me that my Email/Member ID is incorrect?

If you have received an error message saying that your Email/Member ID is incorrect, it means you have entered the wrong email/Member ID when you tried to sign in.

To resolve this issue, please check below:

Check if you have changed your registered email address. If yes, please use the new registered email address to sign in

If you are a newly registered member and you haven’t signed into the account before, please check if you have received our welcome email for your login information. If not, you may have entered a wrong email address when you registered. For this, we suggest you can register a new account with the correct registered information.

My account has been deactivated!!

Please kindly note that there are different reasons that might have caused your account to be deactivated.

What can I do if my account was deactivated?

To reactivate your account, please check why it was deactivated first. The deactivation reasons include:
1) deactivated by yourself,
2) deactivated due to security reasons by

Case 1: Deactivated by yourself

Go to the sign-in page and click “Activate“.

Case 2: Deactivated due to security reasons by

    1. There is an appeal for account reactivation via the contact form on support page.
    2. Fill in all fields; Your name, email, phone, subject, and message then click send. Your email will be directed to Customer Services to get more support and they will be happy to assist you.

Kindly note that if you did not provide ALL documents the application process might get influenced

If you see a Security message, we are sorry your account is deactivated because of security reasons. We are sorry your account cannot be reactivated currently.

How to change the email address?

You can take the following steps to change your email address:
1. Go to the account settings page and find “Change Email Address”

  1. You will be asked to verify your account by “Email Verification”

If still it does not work, you may apply through our online customer service team.

  1. Submit the code sent to your email in the column and click “Submit”.
  2. After submission, you will go to the “Edit Mailbox” page. Follow the instructions here to change your email address.

Note: The process for email verification is the same as for SMS verification.

How do I display a new product?

You may follow below to post products:
1. Sign in at My Account;
2. Click “Display a New Product” under “Products” Section (Go here)
3. Enter a product keyword and click “Search” button
4. Choose the correct category
5. Complete details and click the “Submit” button.

Please note that you must fill all the sections marked with * “asterisk” If there is any reminding “product information is not complete”, please do check whether you have filled in all the fields marked with *
after submission, it will be audited within 24 hours. Upon approval, it will be listed on within 24 hours.
If you are too busy to post products and want high-quality products you may also refer to our Third-Party Service.

How to improve the Product information score?

Completion and professionalism are both important.

Product Name, Categories, Features, Pictures, Details, Trading Condition, etc. are all matter a lot for buyers’ purchase decisions. They also have a direct influence over your product and company ranking on You are advised to fill out all sections with complete information.

  1. Choose the right category. Avoid putting products under irrelative categories. Wrong categories bring less chance of products being searched and wasted the exposure opportunity.
  2. Pictures are very important for buyers. Research shows that buyers prefer high definition pictures of real products because they help them understand your products and make purchase decisions.
  3. Videos will help buyers to check the details from different angles and more attractive.
  4. A clear and nice layout helps attract buyers’ attention and trust. Detailed Description section should be displaying your products with not only text but also pictures, charts, company capacity, etc. You may insert an excel table for your product specification and upload multi-photos to better present your product from different angles. You are also suggested to upload a certificate or your company photos to make buyers know more about you.
  5. Pictures stolen from other suppliers are strictly forbidden on It not only hurts buyers’ trust in you but will also bring penalties to your account.
  6. Avoid repetition. Product Names such as “wedding dress, fashion wedding dress, design wedding dress” are considered as repetition and not good for product ranking or buyer preference.
  7. Focus promotion on competitive products.

Based on exposure, clicks, and transaction data, there is a comprehensive buyer preference mode that influences product ranking. The products that suit the market trend, with buyer preferred information displayed get more chances.

How to set a good product category?

Select a category that is the closest match for your product. More than one-third of buyers search for products by category. Therefore, a matching category can dramatically increase your chances of being found by the right buyers.

Way A. Choose Product Categories by keywords
Input a keyword to search and choose the system recommended category.

Way B: Refer to other good ranking products that have chosen.

You may check below but need to note that the category is a little different than when you post products because the system has adjusted for buyers’ point of view.

In order to efficiently and correctly connect your products with buyers, we adjust the product category. Therefore you are advised to post products under the new category.

If you find there is no appropriate category for your product, please find us with your suggestion.

Why we get few inquiries?

Please be advised that online performance on is generated by the system automatically. There are many factors influencing how many inquiries you receive, such as product listing quality and its accuracy, supplier quality, buyer preference, etc.

It is suggested to improve postings quality and your online activity as basic. Since Inquiries≈ Views X Click rate X Inquiry Rate, you may consider below tips to improve your performance:

1. Improve Views:

Product exposure/Views is the first step to win more clicks. While the Product exposure/Views based on searching, which means the products should have a good ranking in the searching result list.

1.1 Check data of Views;

1.2 Improve the Views;

It is recommended to focus on the result of the searching list to see how to improve the postings to win a high Click.

2.1. Optimize the main photos especially the first photo to seize buyers’ eyes;

2.2. Optimize the title with matched keywords and show the advantages of your products;

2.3. Reasonable Price and MOQ for your target buyers;

2.4. Enrich your Product attributes for each posting;

2.5. Increase your Response Rate and show it to buyers;

2.6. Online status of suppliers to drive more will of enquiring.

While to increase your Click rate (=Clicks / Views), it is suggested to drive more effective traffics. It requires more matched keywords settings by optimizing the match as removing keywords of high exposure with a low click. Otherwise, your business will be very hard if the customer uses normal keywords, especially when a customer runs KWA because it will cost much but winless with normal keywords.

2.Initiative: pay attention to RFQs:
RFQ (Request for Quotation) service is a customized sourcing service which aims to provide more matched inquiries by our industry specialists to high-quality suppliers in a more efficient way.
You may subscribe to RFQ which you are interested in My– RFQ- RFQ Markets. You can subscribe to up to 24 different keywords that you are interested in.
You can also search for RFQ in the market.

How do I get more buyers?

  1. Display more products with high quality online (make sure you do not duplicate products) to improve your online exposure.
  2. Search Buying Requests with the keyword for those who are looking for products like yours-You can try to quote the buying requests and then contact the buyers. Click here for details.
  3. Improve online performance such as product quality, online activity, company information, etc. Similar to offline stores, the amount of buyers you attract is closely related to your brand reputation, store quality, and product quality, trend, etc.
    (How to check my online performance? Please click here.) 

What is a Request For Quotation (RFQ)?

A Request for Quotation (also referred to as an RFQ) is a sourcing request that a buyer submits to the platform rather than to an individual seller. The buyer details what they’re looking for and submits the RFQ, which is then open for all sellers to view and send quotes on.

How do RFQs work?

Buyer submits RFQ ► reviews RFQ ►Suppliers submit quotations ► screens quotations ► Buyer receives quotations ►Trade begins

What is a spam email?

Receivers can mark an email or inquiry as ‘Spam’, if they believe that the email or inquiry is irrelevant or unsolicited, or sent for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

You may be also interested in:

How to report spam?

If you can confirm it’s a spam inquiry, you can use our Support to report to us and our relevant team will look into your report.

By report spam or reject the inquiry within 24 hours you received the inquiry, it will not affect your response rate.

What’s the dispute process for offline order?

  1. After the buyer submits dispute, you two parties have 5 to 10 days to negotiate without the involvement of From the 6th day onward, the buyer can request’s assistance by clicking the Submit a Dispute Page or may continue to negotiate with the seller.
  2. will also act as a mediator for any disputes which remain unresolved after 10 days of initial opening.

Please find below dispute workflow:

  1. The buyer makes a Dispute with the laptop.
  2. The buyer and seller negotiate with each other.
  3. If no agreement reached after negotiation and the case has been escalated,’s dispute team will handle the case as follows:


  1. According to dispute rules, will only handle 2 types of offline scams: “Products Not Received after Payment” and “Payment not received after Shipping”. Other offline disputes will no longer be handled. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you make payments online via and use Trade Assurance To protect your payments and products.
  2. Please be advised that is an information exchange platform only and the transaction was processed offline. We have no authority to impose compulsory sanctions on any member. And if it is proved that the defendant should bear the responsibility for this trade dispute, then as punishment we will disable their account. This is the utmost can do for you.

How do I submit a dispute complaint?

  1. To file a trade dispute complaint, please click here.
  2. Important Notice: shall contact the complained party first thing after confirming your complaint. An agreement between you and the complained is what encourages in the first period. Once solved with the agreement, the complaint would be closed. However, if the complaint does not cooperate on this, will give according to punishment to the complained account. Meanwhile, to protect yourself from loss, you are advised to resort to an embassy or overseas lawsuit for help.

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