New 13.3 inch 2K HD Portable Monitor touch screen PC PS3 PS4 Xbo x360 1080P IPS LCD LED Display Monitor for Raspberry Pi

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13.3 1920 X 1080P13.3 2K leather case13.3 2K Touch stand13.3 Touch 1080P
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Please note: 13.3 inch 2K (2560*1440) in this link is a VA screen, and other models are IPS screens. This monitor cannot be connected directly to the phone. Shown in the video: The monitor is connected to the phone and you need to insert the display dongle on the display.
This monitor has 4 size(4 SKU):
1. 13.3 inch 1920x1080P with Metal stand
2. 13.3 inch 2K HD with leather case
3. 13.3 inch 2K Touch with Metal stand
4. 13.3 inch 1920x1080P Touch screen Monitor with Metal stand
13.3 inch Product list :
1. 2K Package:
1 x 13.3 inch 2K ips monitor
1 x USB power supply cable
1 x HDMI cable
1 x Leather Case
2. 1920x1080P Package:
1 x 13.3 inch 1920*1080 ips monitor
1 x USB power supply cable
1 x HDMI cable
1 x Metal stand
3. 13.3 inch Product list :
1. 2K Touch Package:
1 x 13.3 2K Touch IPS monitor
1 x USB power supply cable
1 x HDMI cable
1 x Metal stand
13.3 inch 1920x1080P Touch Screen Monitor Package:
1 x 13.3 inch 1920×1080 Touchscreen ips monitor
1 x USB power supply cable
1 x HDMI cable
1 x Metal stand
(If you need another leather case, pm us.Or enter our shop Home Search: leather case to pay)
It can be used on PS3,PS4,Xbox360,wiiu switch,perfect for gaming.It can also be used as your
second computer monitor display,copy and extended screen and so on.It is easy to be supported by the holster.
This display case is made of metal.
Headphone jack available
The 13.3 inch weight of this project is 0.685kg/1.7 pounds net weight.
The 13.3 inch weight of this project is 0.935 kg/2.06 pounds net weight.
Attention: Your device has HDMI Input can connect our monitor .if your device doesn't has HDMI input. You need the transfer line to connect it.
If the monitor is connected to your device, splash screen may be caused by unstable power supply. Please replace the 12v -2a power adapter to powered the monitor
Important: kindly note that the package DOES NOT included the power adpater,the power supply cable is the USB cable.

Dear buyer, because it is a transnational transport. Please contact me when you encounter a problem, I will help you solve it wholeheartedly.

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46 reviews for New 13.3 inch 2K HD Portable Monitor touch screen PC PS3 PS4 Xbo x360 1080P IPS LCD LED Display Monitor for Raspberry Pi

  1. T***h

    Very good

  2. R***l

    I will buy again thank you.

  3. T***e

    I had bought one already. Never disappointed. This is an excellent and practical monitor at a decent price. Excellent packaging. Fast delivery.

  4. Customer

    이제품은 입력이 mini HDMI 입니다. hdmi 인줄 알고 구입했는데.. 구입하실분들은 꼭 확인하세요 HDMI 길게 쓰실분들은 젠더도 같이 구매해야 합니다. 화질은 기대하지 마시고 가성비로는 괜찬은 제품입니다.

  5. K***k

    Very beautiful, looks very new

  6. J***w

    Очень хорошо!

  7. S***Y

    quite lovely monitor, the speakers that are built in are less than good but they can be ignored in favor of normal speakers. I intend to use it in an at-home monitor

  8. Customer

    Robust housing, good picture quality

  9. S***v

    Отлично работает, звук норм

  10. K***k

    Монитор вещь!!! За свои деньги качество и удобство! Единственно иногда подтраивает как на фото , но так происходит только на 1 hdmi выходе и устраняется ресетом включением выключением. Остальное все отлично одобно цветасто!

  11. L***s

    In Brazil you will pay 60% customs tax for declared products above US$ 50. So since it costed US$ 80 I had to pay US 48. Please consider that before ordering

  12. H***r

    The ordered product arrived soon, appx. 10day… and waited in the customs for additional 4days. We have tested, we had questions to the supplier. They have spent many time to answares on all question, and helped our teamwork. Finally it works fine. Thanks for cooperation, and we will come back with additional orders soon! (A MANUFACTURING & RESEARCH-DEVELOPING COMPANY from HUNGARY)

  13. V***a

    Ехал около 3х недель. и работает уже недели 3. Без проблем. Цвета нормальные

  14. M***n

    tutto ok come da descrizione. Peccato per i 62 euro di dogana

  15. A***n

    All good =)

  16. N***n

    отличный монитор. доставка быстрая. брал в грузовик, установил на подвижное крепление на 4 болта. звук, конечно не такой громкий, но от этого класса устройств этого ожидать и не приходится. для дома громкость вполне хорошая. Рекомендую.

  17. V***z

    100% соответствует

  18. D***m

    האריזה לא פגומה הכל עובד ממליץ מאוד

  19. H***G

    Deeply appreciate your fast delivery ^^

  20. G***w

    Очень хорошая штука. Завелась от порта usb комьютера. Недостаток порт питания является и портом данных для тачскрина.

  21. J***E

    외관 품질, 구성품 모두 좋네요. 포장이 잘되서 왔습니다. 불량화소도 없고 좋습니다. 가끔 모니터 켜지면서 여러화면으로 복사 분리 잔상처럼 보이는데 껐다가 다시 키면 될때도 있고 2~3번 더 해야될데도 있습니다. 그게 조금 불편하네요. 차량 usb 충전으로도 잘 켜지고 좋네요.

  22. H***a

    Everything is good, the package arrived perfectly no any damage but one problem is USB power supply cable is not working.

  23. M***n

    good product

  24. Customer

    Awesome Product

  25. J***m

    터치가 기본보니터에서만 인식 됩니다

  26. Customer

    it’s IPS bro;; not VA

  27. H***r

    Works well. Actually a bit better as I expected since I assumed there will be a slight flicker if the display is recorded with camera, but there is no flicker. A bit interesting that after removed, I needed to manually disable the secondary display, but that’s not a problem.

  28. M***m

    Well packed.Works well.

  29. K***n

    포장도 안전하고 배송도 빠르네요. 12월 1일 주문해서 12월 12일 도착했습니다. 다만 모니터 전원이 아무 보조배터리나 되는건 아닌듯해요. 전원부 조건 잘 따져서 연결해야할듯합니다.

  30. M***n

    Thank you … im very happy about the monitor screen and it works perfekt..

  31. Customer

    thank u very much. sceen is good.

  32. W***m

    Good deal and it works well as described.

  33. T***i

    Looks like it works fine 🙂 . Correct 2K resolution, good brightness. With 5V/2A power it blinks rarely, but I will try with stronger power adapter (12V/2A) later on. Hopefully it will be fine. I will add another comment after couple months of using it.

  34. S***G

    I received it and I have used it for 1 week. it is very good monitor for my work and study. it view nice color.

  35. A***v

    Прибыл за месяц, экран хороший, четкость и контрастность, цвета в норме. Подкачал комлектный USB кабель, отклеился корпус, после первого прикосновения, а так получил то, что ожидал

  36. K***z

    Fast delivery

  37. N***E

    Good item!

  38. F***a

    Excelente. Por um momento achei que era melhor ter comprado o de 15”, mas a resolução é ótima. Estou muito feliz!

  39. T***w

    Item is as described. Not sure yet if it’s 2K but it does 1080p 60 Hz.

  40. H***o

    superó mis expectativas, tiene hdr, da una muy buena imagen, colores y sombras. el sonido es normal y ceptable. Por el precio del monitor no encontré nada malo como para criticar, lo probé jugando ps4 y viendo películas en netflix y quede mas que satisfecho. hay q tener un cargador de celular de 2A , con uno normal se apaga el monitor. el que se queje de este producto es por q lo compara con monitor mucho más caros , bajo mi punto de vista entrega mas de lo que pagas, es excelente.

  41. G***a

    received i less than one month. packaging was great but can be improved as you are mostly sending your product oversees. Product is great, now i can setup my ps4 anywhere. i recomend everyone to buy with case. as screen is delicate and case is very sturdy.

  42. A***n

    Хотел заказать с разрешением 1080р но продавец почему то в день распродажи отметил что её нет в наличии. в остальном все в порядке.

  43. A***v

    От usb не всех устройств работает корректно, от ПК все хорошо, а вот от ps3 не тянет. Разрешение не похоже на 2к, видимо программно увеличено, пиксели какие-то корявые похоже на тип матрицы TN, а не IPS. В целом доволен, брал за 4600, доставка около 20 дней.

  44. A***o

    Монитор хороший. Есть небольшая засветка по краям экрана шириной в 1 сантиметр, но это заметно только в темноте (на фото) или если смотреть на экран под углом.

  45. R***o

    Good quality LED display crisp and sound is okay

  46. I***i

    Товар пришёл в целости. Подключил – все работает. Но посылка шла 2 месяца. Разъем здесь mini hdmi. Лучше брать по скидке и 15 дюймов

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